Israel is now attacking the Indonesian hospital north of the Strip


Israel claims that Hamas has hidden military infrastructure beneath hospitals. After several attacks, tanks advance towards the Indonesian hospital with the apparent intention of surrounding it.

Gaza Strip authorities have denounced that Israeli forces “continue to tighten the siege.” Indonesian hospitalin the north of the enclave, and have denounced that “there are no guarantees of safe corridors” to evacuate patients.

At least twelve people have died attacks on facilities of the Indonesian hospital and several buildings in the complex have been ‘destroyed’. “The occupation attacks on the hospital are intended to put an end to all health services in northern Gaza,” he denounced.

Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al Qidra has indicated that Israel aims “to convert the hospital into a military base after the crimes at Al Shifa Hospital.” For example, he emphasized that “the occupation could use the wounded as human shields, as it did in Al Shifa Hospital,” before detailing that they are being held in the facilities. 700 peopleincluding about 260 “wounded and sick.”

The attacks on the hospital were condemned “in the strongest terms” by the US government on Monday Indonesian Minister of Foreign AffairsRetno Marsudi, who has emphasized that they assume “a clear violation of international humanitarian law“All countries, especially those with close relations with Israel, must use all their influence and capabilities to call on Israel to end its atrocities,” he stressed.

According to information from the Palestinian news agency Maan, the Israeli army has attacked the facilities with artillery, while tanks have advanced towards the hospital with the apparent intention of surrounding it.

The Israeli military has denounced the Indonesian hospital used by Hamas for military purposes and has stated that there is a network of tunnels under the facilities, which there was denied by the authorities of the Asian countrysomething the Emergency Medical Rescue Committee (MER-C), the organization that finances the hospital, also did.

Source: EITB


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