“It’s not right” – Beaten up by moral guardians over a kiss


Because a 17-year-old Austrian was in a relationship with a Chechen woman, seven to eight young men surrounded him at Reumannplatz in Vienna. Three of them now had to appear in court for serious bodily harm.

“He said it wasn’t appropriate and that he was a moral guardian,” the young man remembers of that February evening that still gives him nightmares. “There were seven to eight people. I knew three of them.” They surrounded him at the bus stop at Reumannplatz in Favoriten.

The leader, a tall Chechen, said he had to accompany them to the park. Out of fear, the then 17-year-old Austrian with Turkish roots went along.

Broken jaw, broken cheekbone, shattered nose
“One of them showed me a video of Kesira (Note: name changed) and I kiss.” They said she could only do that with a Chechen and, according to the prosecutor, they “began to beat her victim severely” – broken jaw, broken cheekbone, broken nose. Then they asked the blood-covered Austrian with Turkish roots to delete Kesira’s number from his cell phone.

The defendants deny any connection with the girl
Three ‘moral guardians’ are now on trial in Vienna for the second time. The judgment of the first court was overturned, hence the second legal action. They deny the connection with Kesira, but two of them – including a martial artist – admit that they were beaten: “He insulted me behind my back,” says the great Chechen as a motive for the escalation.

Conditional prison sentences
“It was an act of revenge because of the affair with the girl,” the victim is certain. The jury panel, chaired by Judge Georg Allmayer, also assumes that serious bodily harm was committed intentionally: 16 months probation for the first and second defendants, 12 months probation for the co-offender – not legally binding. Victim representative Sonja Scheed is fighting for 4,451 euros in compensation for her client.

Source: Krone


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