Ex-girlfriend as victim – contract murder ordered: ‘It was all just a game’


It was all just a game, claims a Lower Austrian in the regional court of Wiener Neustadt. What he means is hiring a hitman for his ex. The psychiatric expert describes him as gifted: “He has a very, very high IQ.”

“Others take up boxing, go to the gym or walk around as an outlet,” the chairman notes. To reduce his anger towards his ex-partner, a 53-year-old chose not to participate in any sporting activity. He wrote messages back and forth on a hit-man platform for weeks, planning to kill his son’s mother.

“It’s just a fantasy”
The successful director sent his name, address, photos and a specific time period to the alleged ‘hitman’. It had to look like an accident, his ex was going to be run over by a car. The Lower Austrian paid $10,000 on the platform. But he never meant it seriously.

“It was an outlet. A sandbag would have been better and more useful. For me, it was about being relieved and being there better for my son. “It’s just a fantasy where I can sit down and imagine all kinds of things,” the defendant tries to explain to the jury in Wiener Neustadt. “So it’s a game for you?” asks the prosecutor. “Of course it was a game,” the 53-year-old answers without hesitation.

It was clear to him from the start that the ‘Online Killer Market’ website on the Darknet was a fraud platform. He would have seen that Putin could also be ordered to be killed – for a measly $20,000. It was clear to the director: this is not real.

Custody dispute as background to the charges
So he gave a false order to kill his ex-partner. The couple split in 2018; their son was two years old at the time. “Since the divorce, there has been a custody and contact dispute between the two,” the public prosecutor explains. “Did you just hate each other at that time?” the judge wants to know. The defendant calmly clarifies: “I was disappointed and insulted. But hate would be the wrong word. Maybe angry, but not hate.”

The expert Sigrun Roßmanith describes the Lower Austrian as unremarkable. The biggest special thing: “He is extremely talented. He has a very, very high IQ.” He certainly would have been sane.

And then the surprise towards the end of the trial: the 53-year-old admits that he had serious intentions to kill his ex-partner – he allegedly tried to hire a hitman. “It was total nonsense,” he says, changing his responsibility.

A similar case in Graz
Just a few days ago, a similar case was heard at the Graz Regional Court: a 33-year-old Viennese tried to hire a so-called ‘hitman’ for his ex on the darknet. There was no bloody act; he fell for a fraudster. The IT technician was not legally sentenced to twelve years in prison for attempted murder.

The verdict in Wiener Neustadt is expected in the evening. The 53-year-old faces life in prison if convicted of attempted murder.

Source: Krone


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