Gaza in ruins – Middle East: Neighbors fear end of ceasefire


Since the guns temporarily ceased, the full extent of the devastation caused by the war in the Gaza Strip has become visible. Many people are as helpless as they are stunned by the destruction of their neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip. Helpers warn about the spread of disease. Concerns are growing that fighting could soon continue.

Entire neighborhoods are in ruins. Many streets are barely recognizable. The UN estimates that about 1.8 of the more than 2.2 million residents have been driven from their homes by attacks and destruction. During the course of the war, 46,000 apartments in the Gaza Strip were destroyed and more than 234,000 damaged. This corresponds to a total of 60 percent of the living space.

Photos and videos from the Gaza Strip show people searching the ruins of their homes for belongings or crying on piles of rubble after the lull in fighting began.

Photos show children sitting on rubble and families taking shelter in bombed houses and preparing food over an open fire.

Reconstruction could take decades
After more than seven weeks of Israeli bombing, large parts of the Gaza Strip are no longer recognizable. Experts say reconstruction could take decades. But for that to happen, the guns would first have to remain permanently silent – ​​and massive financial help would be needed.

The ceasefire, which initially lasted four days, came into effect on Friday and was eventually extended by two days. It should now last until Thursday morning. It was initially unclear on Wednesday whether the fighting break would be extended again.

There were plans to release more hostages
Hamas in the Gaza Strip plans to release more hostages later today. In return, Israel is expected to release Palestinian prisoners. The relatives of the affected hostages have already been informed. The Israeli leadership is said to have received a list from Hamas with the names of the hostages to be released. At the same time, negotiations on an extension of the ceasefire continue.

Source: Krone


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