Woman drowns daughters – “The first thought when you wake up is the children”


In July, Sabine P. drowned her two daughters in her own swimming pool in Lower Austria. On Monday, jurors will decide whether the 36-year-old should be institutionalized. The fact is: the woman will not be in court as a ‘defendant’ before the jury.

When the first candle on the Advent wreath lights up and the eyes of many children light up at the Christmas markets, probably the saddest hearing of the year is about to take place in the St. Pölten Regional Court. On Monday, July 24, the case of the 36-year-old who drowned her two daughters (seven years and seven months old) in the swimming pool of her beautiful single-family home in Absdorf will be heard there. After the crime, Sabine P. crashed her car into a tree with the intention of committing suicide. She survived.

Source: Krone


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