The best indoor trial in the world will open the 2024 X-Trial World Championship in Barcelona


Toni Bou (Montesa) will once again be the great favorite for victory and the title (he has won 17 consecutive indoor World Cups), but the big unknown is to see to what extent the unstoppable development of his most dangerous rivals. will make it difficult for him. difficult… or give a bell. Jaime Busto (GasGas) and the indomitable Adam Raga have already defeated the champion, and now the figure of Gabriel Marcelli, Bou’s ally and a world champion in the making, is emerging strongly, according to experts. The young Galician is already a regular on World Cup podiums.

The 47th Barcelona Indoor Trial, the event unanimously considered the best indoor trials World Championship, will be the first touchstone of an exciting 2024 X-Trial World Championship. A championship that will have six scoring events.

Bou also reigns in Sant Jordi

Since 2007, the two Trial World Championships (TrialGP -outdoor- and X-Trial -indoor-) have not known the name of a champion not named Toni Bou. 34 titles representing a record in the world of motorcycling and also the absolute record for an athlete in any sport.

The record of victories in Barcelona (16) also belongs to the genius of Piera, doubling – and for now – Jordi Tarrés (7) and Adam Raga (6). Since making his debut (with success) in Sant Jordi in 2006, ‘Dynamite’ has only missed out on victory twice: in 2008 and 2019. Bou also holds the record for consecutive wins in Palau, thanks on his impressive streak of 10 wins in a row between 2009 and 2018.

Women’s Trophy: the Abellán-Bristow rivalry returns

The two best test riders in the world experience their only indoor confrontation, taking place at the Palau Sant Jordi. More than enough reasons not to miss the fourth edition of the Women’s Trophy.

An exciting face-to-face between the champion, Emma Bristow, and the runner-up in the world and national driver, Berta Abellán, where anything can happen… with the permission of the other participants in the World Top-5 women’s race. Women are also protagonists of the big day in ‘the cathedral of inner trials’.

Tickets for all audiences and tastes

Barcelona brings together the most fans. For this reason, it makes available to you all kinds of seats: grandstand-track seats and Gold Pass tickets, both designed to live a fantastic immersive experience.

From the grandstand-track, you can see the same point of view of the pilots when facing obstacles and see up close how they position the motorcycle or choose the route. For its part, the Gold Pass option allows you to enjoy the show from the inside: witness the warm-up of the drivers at the foot of the track, congratulate them and watch the show from the best locations and with exclusive catering service.

The UNIVERSAE Trial Indoor in Barcelona also has new generations. Children under 6 enter for free and children under 13 benefit from a special price. An ideal event to enjoy with the family with the Family Pack (4 discounted tickets for 2 adults and 2 children).

Giveaway for a Hebo replica Toni Bou helmet!

Besides the amazing official t-shirt of the 47th UNIVERSAE Indoor Trial of Barcelona – sold during the ticket purchase process – buyers of the first thousand tickets are eligible for an amazing prize: a Hebo helmet that is exactly copy of what they will use Toni Bou in the 2024 season.

Source: La Verdad


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