Snowy road – At the last minute: car almost crashed into the Mur


On Friday morning a car almost fell into the Mur in Lungau (Salzburg). The driver of the car left the snow-covered road, broke through a fence and stopped just a few meters from the river. A bush stopped the vehicle in time.

The accident happened shortly before 11 a.m. in St. Margarethen. In addition to the St. Margarethen fire brigade, the Tamsweg fire brigade with the heavy rescue vehicle and the emergency boat and the water rescue service were also alerted.

When emergency services arrived at the scene of the accident, they noticed that no one was in the vehicle. The operation for the Tamsweg fire brigade boat was canceled.

Crane needed for vehicle recovery
To pull the vehicle out of the bushes, the Tamsweg fire brigade used the crane of a heavy rescue vehicle. After about an hour, all emergency services were able to leave the scene.

Source: Krone


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