16 year old injured – spectator (43) went crazy at Krampuslauf


At a Krampus run on Friday evening in the Carinthian municipality of Strasbourg, a spectator went crazy and injured a girl.

When some members of the Krampus groups moved the barriers, a 43-year-old man went crazy and punched the wooden masks. A wooden mask worth several hundred euros was severely damaged. A 19-year-old steward tried to stop the 43-year-old from hitting the masks further. Police officers present were able to calm the argument for the time being, but a 16-year-old girl, who also wanted to calm the argument, was hit in the face with her fist by the 43-year-old.

The 16-year-old then went independently to the Friesach hospital, where a short time later the heavily drunk 43-year-old was transported by ambulance because he had fallen and injured his leg due to the crowd and his heavy drinking.

Source: Krone


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