Corona wave in D – Minister advises: No celebrations in closed spaces


Corona wave in D – Minister advises: No celebrations in closed spaces

Wastewater analyzes also indicate in Germany that a major corona wave is currently developing. Given the low number of booster vaccinations with the adapted Covid-19 vaccine, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach now warns about infections during the Christmas holidays and calls for: no celebrations in closed spaces and more home offices! This causes a big stir.

“Unfortunately, Corona is not a cold and it can still cause permanent damage. The sewerage currently indicates a large wave,” the SPD minister wrote on his X page (formerly Twitter) on Sunday. He therefore advised everyone “with risk factors or over 60” to get vaccinated before the holidays.

“It often cannot be completely cured”
The virus “often also attacks the blood vessels or weakens the immune system” and therefore “far too often cannot be completely cured,” Lauterbach told the “Bild” newspaper on Sunday. In addition to vaccination and home office, the Minister of Health has also recommended masks on public transport.

Government partner criticizes ‘scaremongering’
The FDP views the minister’s warning as “scaremongering”. Wolfgang Kubicki, deputy leader of the FDP, told his coalition partner via ‘Bild’ that he should focus more on combating the rising RSV wave, which especially endangers small children, ‘instead of explaining to adults how they should behave’. After all, the Germans would know how to deal with the virus before the “fourth Christmas with Corona”.

Source: Krone


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