Workers at the Amazon warehouse in Trapagaran will begin a strike this Sunday to achieve labor improvements


Called by the ELA and LAB unions, the workers carried out a first strike yesterday, Sunday, and there are three more calls for the following January 3, 4 and 5.

The workers of Amazon’s logistics center in the Trápaga Valley (Bizkaia) will support a strike today and on January 3, 4 and 5 demanding improvements in the working conditions of their staff and their own agreement.

This is the second strike day called by the ELA and LAB unions (the first took place yesterday).

In a statement, both trade union centers explained that the works council met with company management last Friday and that the conflict has not been resolved.

Labor unions they claimincluding salary increases that guarantee the maintenance of purchasing power for the coming years, linked to increases in the CPI; that services provided on a public holiday, Saturday or Sunday are compensated by paying an increase of 75% on the actual salary; that part-time workers have a normal working day of at least 24 hours per week or 96 hours per month; and a holiday period of at least 22 working days per year.

Moreover, they made the demand subrogation with subcontractors by Amazon. “Without this shield, workers are totally exposed, as at the slightest attempt at union mobilization, Amazon has the option of not renewing the contract with the subcontractor company, so that the workers who mobilized do not continue to work for Amazon,” they have said. indicated.

Source: EITB


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