Authorities powerless – where to go with the woman who “lives” in the square in Kufstein?


For a few weeks now, a confused woman has been living in the open air on the popular Fischergriesplatz in Kufstein. After being fired twice in the past for her behavior, she is now refusing all help. This permanent camping camp on public land became an “thorn in the side” of the fortified city. Nevertheless, the municipality and the authorities can do nothing, because an official briefing against the will of the 57-year-old cannot be justified at the moment.

Anger is on the elderly gentleman’s face, even as he stands in the spring sun on Kufstein’s Fischergriesplatz. His teeth are clenched in anger, he screams almost inaudibly: “What a huge mess, it must be flushed through the inn with a fire hose and at the same time this brutal person!”

A tent set up there has aroused his dismay. In addition, finely draped on the fixed benches, are household items: clothing, shoes and decorative objects. The whole looks like a small apartment without walls and without a roof.

Part of the square chosen as a place to live
For a few weeks now, a 57-year-old woman from Kufstein has chosen a part of this square as her residence and she cannot leave it. That causes misunderstandings. “Why isn’t anyone helping this poor woman?” some say. “You and your junk must be removed as soon as possible,” the others said.

Both seem impossible in this unusual case. As the “Tiroler Krone” could learn, there would have been serious problems with the lady in a residential complex in the west of the city.

Housemates lived in fear of the woman
Housemates would have been insulted and threatened by her and walls in the general area were smeared. She allegedly threw objects onto the busy street from the eighth floor. After she completely spanned the arc, she was expelled. Still, a private landlord took her in afterward and provided her with a two-room apartment not far from Fischergries. “It didn’t take long for her to revert to her old knitting pattern,” says the private landlord.

In this case, the rule of law reaches its limits
“In a sense, the rule of law is reaching its limits here,” explains Kufstein’s mayor, lawyer Martin Krumschnabel. And adds: “I think the lady needs urgent treatment. But she doesn’t go to a hospital voluntarily. According to medical information, there is not enough self-threat to warrant an official confession against her will.”

It is also disproportionate for district police commander Astrid Mair to use force to remove the person involved. “We can’t accommodate them anywhere in the long term either, we don’t have the skills for that.”

Any help is rejected by the woman
“She categorically rejects the help and support of the Kufstein social counseling center Dowas,” explains Kufstein’s police chief. Another problem: after the various incidents, it is unlikely that third parties will want to take action. Krumschnabel: “It is completely unsatisfactory what is happening here, but that is because we are a free country that respects the rights of the individual.”

The person concerned was completely “tame” in an interview with the “Tiroler Krone”. Asked about the future, she said: “I would accept an offer of housing. Things are stolen from me here and I’m bullied at night.” When asked if she has a family, she replies: “Yes, I have a brother here in Kufstein and I also have children.”

Source: Krone


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