4000 euros gone – burnt down car: buyer has to pay the costs


A used Mazda 6 caught fire on the western highway near Laakirchen (Upper Austria). The owner had purchased the car just 20 minutes earlier. The 4,000 euros invested has probably disappeared for the 38-year-old man living in Vienna. A lawyer from the ÖAMTC explains why.

This ‘bargain’ probably falls into the ‘bad buy’ category. A 38-year-old Syrian drove from Vienna to the Gmunden district on Thursday evening to buy a used Mazda 6. Price: just under 4000 euros. The vehicle’s owner then started to return, but he didn’t get far. Because on the Westautobahn, in the municipality of Laakirchen, the 38-year-old suddenly noticed smoke development in the engine compartment.

Car completely on fire
The driver immediately stopped and called 911. Five minutes later, the smoke was accompanied by flames. And when the fire brigade arrived, the ‘new’ car was already completely on fire. Not much was left of the Mazda: “The interior is also burned out, the car is a total loss,” reports commander Jürgen Sturm of the operation. The Florianis from the Laakirchen and Steyrermühl fire brigade extinguished the car using heavy breathing apparatus.

The 38-year-old driver was unhurt, but was shocked: “He was perplexed, completely beside himself,” says fire chief Sturm. No wonder: instead of a new car, the man was left with a destroyed vehicle in the middle of the western highway.

Liability doesn’t pay
Recovering the purchase price will likely be difficult. “Every car must have liability insurance. “But it only covers damage caused by the car,” says ÖAMTC lawyer Corinna Hotz. If there is damage to the car itself, this will be reimbursed through the comprehensive insurance. But: “If something burns in the engine, the question is whether this is even an insurable event,” says Hotz. That depends on the police. The biggest opportunity for the 38-year-old: “See if there is anything in the purchase contract that can be disputed,” says the lawyer, who advises: “You must have a used car inspected with a purchase inspection.”

Source: Krone


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