Suspect caught – After a few stairs: Grazer dies in front of the restaurant


A 29-year-old man is suspected of kicking a 54-year-old several times outside a bar in Styria during an argument. The victim died as a result of internal injuries. The suspect was arrested.

It was shortly before 10pm when a verbal argument initially broke out between the 29-year-old and the 54-year-old – both from Graz – in a bar. Only a short time later the argument moved outside the bar and the two men got into an argument.

Missed several steps
According to witness statements, the 29-year-old may have kicked at least one foot into the 54-year-old’s body, causing him to fall to the ground. Afterwards, the younger man probably kicked the man, who was already kneeling on the ground, several times. The suspect then fled the scene.

The victim died on the spot
The 54-year-old suffered serious internal injuries and died at the scene. The Graz public prosecutor has ordered an autopsy on the body. It was not possible to definitively rule out foul play as the cause of death. The 29-year-old was investigated and arrested by detectives and officers from the Karlauerstrasse police station.

Suspect denies the intention to commit murder
He admitted kicking the 54-year-old’s body but denied any intention to kill. The suspect was taken to Graz-Jakomini prison. Further investigation is being carried out by the Crime Branch of the Police Command of the City of Graz.

Source: Krone


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