Unemployment rises in January by 3,450 people, 3.20%, and the month ends with 111,229 unemployed in the Basque Country


Unemployment increased by 3,450 people (3.20%) in January, reaching 111,229 unemployed in the Basque Country. In Navarra there was also an increase of 675 people, 2.25% more than in December. Álava is the only area where unemployment fell in January.

Unemployment rose by 4,125 people in January and the month ended with 141,892 unemployed in Hegoalde.

Unemployment rose by 3,450 people (3.20%) in January, reaching 111,229 unemployed in Euskadi, according to data from the Basque Public Employment Service Lanbide. In Navarra there was also an increase of 675 people, 2.25% more than in December.

However, compared to a year ago, January 2023, there are 1,676 fewer unemployed people in the Basque Autonomous Community. It is the lowest number of registered unemployed in the month of January since 2009.

In addition to the hiring has increased by 9.81% compared to the previous month and by 6.5% compared to January last year.

Last month, 59,751 new contracts were signed, of which one in four, 25.1%, was of indefinite duration.

Alava It is the only area with a decrease in unemployment in January compared to December, with 132 fewer unemployed people, while in Bizkaia the number of unemployed increased by 2,454 people and in Gipuzkoa by 1,128. Compared to January 2023, the three areas have reduced their unemployment, with 939 fewer unemployed registered in Álava, 399 in Bizkaia and 338 in Gipuzkoa.

By sectorsthe number of unemployed in the primary sector has increased slightly, but also decreased slightly in industry and construction; while in the services sector it has fallen significantly. The number of citizens without previous employment who have entered the labor market has increased slightly.

On the other hand, Euskadi recorded in January 1,003,190 members to Social Security, meaning there are 9,756 fewer contributors than in the previous month (-0.96%), according to data released Friday by the Ministry of Social Security.

On the other hand, social security membership in the Basque Autonomous Community increased by 18,875 employees, or 1.92%, compared to the first month of 2023.

In the Foral community The pattern repeats and the number of people without work rises to 30,663, according to data from the State Employment Service, dependent on the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy.

The services counted 21,080 unemployed people in January, 635 more than in the last month of 2023.

There has been a slight increase in both industry and agriculture: nineteen more unemployed in the first case and seven more in the second case. In contrast, unemployment in the construction sector fell by 17 people.

Source: EITB


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