Panic during pursuit – passenger begged: “Please stop!”


Because he was driving drunk and the police were on his tail, a 21-year-old accelerated on Saturday evening in Frauental, Styria. His friend in the passenger seat panicked: “Please stop,” he begged him.

A 21-year-old motorist in Frauental had a blood alcohol level of 1.8 when he was stopped by the police on Sunday evening. Due to his condition he wanted to avoid this and accelerate. He ignored all stop signs with blue lights and flashing lights and sped away on the B 76 towards Frauental. He cut several tight bends, drove on the shoulder, ignored numerous priority signs and exits, endangering other road users.

Friend panicked
Meanwhile, his 24-year-old friend sat in the passenger seat, pale as a sheet of fear. “Please stop,” he desperately begged the speeder. In fact, after 15 minutes of crazy driving, he gave up and stopped on a municipal road. He has now lost his driver’s license and has also been reported for numerous violations.

Source: Krone


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