Get out of the dilemma: “My friend’s wedding is way too expensive!”


‘Krone’ reader Veronika also wants to ‘get out of the dilemma’. But she’s not unlucky in love, she just has a problem with her best friend. Because she is getting married soon, Veronika is the bridesmaid, but the bride’s extravagant wishes and the exploding costs go beyond her.

Can you deny your best friend a wish when it comes to the wedding of your dreams? How much do you have to sacrifice yourself as a bridesmaid and when can you say ‘stop’ to the bride’s perhaps exaggerated ideas? Veronika from Burgenland asks herself all these questions. “She wants to go on a short bachelorette party vacation, and I now have to buy a designer dress for the wedding,” says the young woman. “Everyone complains about the high costs.”

Source: Krone


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