Secret document revealed: – Putin uses nuclear weapons according to these criteria


Secret document revealed: – Putin uses nuclear weapons according to these criteria

Secret documents revealed by the Financial Times reportedly detail the criteria by which Russian President Vladimir Putin is considering the use of nuclear weapons. The shocking thing is that the threshold for such a horror scenario is apparently lower than experts previously assumed.

After his State of the Union address, the Kremlin leader threatened the West and even spoke of an “extinction of civilization.” Secret Russian military documents available to the newspaper now show that Putin does not need much to actually press the dreaded Red Button.

39 documents from the period 2008 to 2014 list specific circumstances that are sufficient for the Russian regime to use nuclear weapons. This could include the landing of enemy units on Russian territory, a defeat of units tasked with securing border areas or an enemy attack with conventional weapons.

Attack with conventional weapons justifies a nuclear attack for the Kremlin
Furthermore, a nuclear attack would be justified for the Kremlin if the losses of the Russian forces “irrevocably led to their inability to stop major enemy aggression.” These losses were also specifically identified: 20 percent of Russia’s strategic ballistic missile submarines, 30 percent of nuclear-powered attack submarines, three or more cruisers, or three airfieldsshould be destroyed. Moreover, simultaneous attacks on main and reserve command centers on the coast are sufficient reason.

Nuclear weapons can also be used to ‘stop aggression’
Nuclear weapons can also be used to “deter states from carrying out aggression […] or to wage escalating military conflicts” or in the newspapers, more generally, to “stop the aggression.” Even if it is necessary to prevent Russian troops from losing battles or territory, an application is possible.

Expert: “Operational threshold is quite low”
Although the documents are older, experts say they are significant. “They show that the operational threshold for using nuclear weapons is quite low if the desired result cannot be achieved by conventional means,” Alexander Gabuev of the Berlin-based Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center told Bild.

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