Decision in Innsbruck – Decision made: Leon’s father remains in custody


The defense of Leon’s father – he is suspected of killing his son at the end of August 2022 – submitted a request for release from prison at the beginning of this week, the ‘Krone’ reports. The judge made a decision on Friday morning: according to information from “Krone”, the 39-year-old remains in custody and his lawyer has filed a complaint.

During a press conference, Albert Heiss, Leon’s father’s lawyer, presented a series of “investigative accidents.” He received support from Mathias Kapferer, Leon’s mother’s legal advisor.

Because of these “accidents and mistakes” he applied for release from prison on February 26, Heiss said Thursday, emphasizing: “The urgent suspicion against the suspect is no longer tenable.” There is considerable evidence to support the accuracy of the suspect’s statements; the authorities have completely misjudged the motive.” He hopes that the details will be “taken into account” in the judge’s decision.

Already on Friday, a day later, Leon’s father was brought before the judge of the Innsbruck Regional Court. The clear decision – as the ‘Crown’ has already discovered: Leon’s father remains in custody.

His lawyer has already filed a complaint with the higher regional court. The detention hearing will take place in May, but then the Innsbruck public prosecutor’s office could have made a decision on any charges.

Source: Krone


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