Agreement signed – Ukraine: Two billion in military aid from The Hague


Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia, signed a security treaty with the Netherlands on Friday. “The document provides for two billion euros in military aid from the Netherlands this year,” President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote in his Telegram channel.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte traveled to the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv to sign the agreement. With the contract, The Hague promises Kiev further support in the short term with anti-aircraft defense, artillery, armored vehicles and long-range weapons.

Contract concluded for ten years
Ukraine will continue to be supported by the Netherlands in its efforts to join the European Union and NATO. Like other previous agreements with Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark and Canada, the contract was concluded for ten years.

Zelensky and Rutte visited residential buildings damaged by Russian shelling and the regional administration building, which was hit by a rocket attack in March 2022. The program also included a classroom in a subway station. As a result of regular Russian missile attacks, more than 2,000 students in Kharkov are studying in classrooms in five metro stations in the city. The Russian border is just over 20 kilometers from the metropolis.

Kiev wants to become a member of NATO
Ukraine has been defending a Russian invasion with Western help for more than two years. With the security agreements, Kiev is aiming for long-term support from Western partners in the military sector until the Eastern European state’s desired accession to NATO.

Source: Krone


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