Presidential election – Angry Russians pour dye into ballot boxes


Unrest on election day in Russia: Voters pour colorful liquids into ballot boxes in several parts of the country. They are colored in such a way that the cast ballots are likely to be indecipherable upon evaluation.

A blonde young woman walks inconspicuously to the polls in the capital Moscow and throws in her ballot. She then uses a bottle to pour dark liquid through the slit, soaking all the paper inside. Men come to her. She calmly takes out her smartphone and takes photos, as shown in a video shared by ‘Nexta’ and the Telegram channel ‘Baza’.

According to Baza, the woman allegedly shouted Ukrainian slogans and spoke to someone on the phone. It is speculated that this action was ordered by someone. Authorities say the woman is already under investigation.

Several incidents have already been reported
This was not an isolated incident; more and more such actions are now becoming known. Even the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti admits two such stories. “Ink was poured into the ballot box in two regions; both women and men are involved. Apparently they are offered money for it,” Interfax also quoted a government representative. Now there are calls for stronger security.

Putin is seeking a fifth term in office
Controversial presidential elections have begun in Russia to ensure Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin will remain in power, excluding the opposition. Voting in the vast empire with its eleven time zones will last until Sunday evening, when the last polling stations in Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea close at 7 p.m. The first forecasts are expected immediately afterwards.

Russian pollsters have already predicted more than 80 percent of the vote for Putin, who has been in power for almost a quarter of a century and is seeking a fifth term. That would be the highest result ever for him. Putin’s three competitors are not only seen as hopeless. They also all follow the Kremlin line and sometimes directly support the sitting president. Candidates who spoke out against Putin’s war of aggression were not even accepted as candidates.

Source: Krone


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