Putin says the attack in Moscow is the work of Islamic radicals, but sees that the black hand of Ukraine is behind it


The Russian president states that “we must answer the question of why, after committing the crime, the terrorists tried to flee across Ukraine, which was waiting for them.”

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putinacknowledged this Monday that the attack in Moscow was the work of radical Islamists, but has called for an investigation into “who is benefiting” from an attack that has already left at least 139 dead. That’s how the Russian president sees it a black Ukrainian hand during the attack.

“We know that the crime was committed by radical Islamists, with the ideology that the Islamic world itself has been fighting for centuries,” Putin said at a press conference on the measures taken by Russian authorities.

“And the Nazisas is known, have never had any problems when it comes to using the dirtiest and most inhumane means to achieve their objectives.”

In this way, Putin has refused to accept at face value the Western intelligence services’ hypothesis that the attack is the work of the Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISPK). “We know who committed this crime against Russia and its people. We are interested in who commissioned it,” he added.

According to Putin, the attack in Moscow fits “completely logically into the bloody acts of intimidation” committed by Kiev, he noted, referring to the border raids and attacks on the annexed Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.

The Russian president recalled that at the moment the Ukrainian counter-offensive has “completely” failed and the Russian army has the initiative at the front. Ukraine must show that “all is not lost”.

‘We have to answer the question why terrorists after committing the crime They tried to flee across Ukrainewho was waiting for them,” he assured.

The Kremlin previously refused to comment on the disturbing picture of the arrival of the four main suspects at the Moscow court, all showing signs of violence. “The response to barbarism must not be barbarism,” the Committee Against Torture limited itself to commenting.

The alleged perpetrators of the Moscow attack appear in court with signs of violence

The alleged perpetrators of the Moscow attack appear in court with signs of violence
The alleged perpetrators of the Moscow attack appear in court with signs of violence

Zelensky responds to Putin: ‘He is a sick and cynical animal’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s answer is not long in coming. “Putin spoke to himself again today, which was broadcast on television. Once again he accused Ukraine. Sick and cynical beast,” Zelensky said in his traditional nightly speech published on the social network X.

According to the Ukrainian president, Putin said “everyone is a terrorist except himself, even though he has been fueling terror for 20 years.” “Putin is the greatest example of terror. Him and his special services. If he disappears, the demand for terror and violence will also disappear (…), he emphasized.

Source: EITB


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