Keys taken away – tractor driver keeps police on their toes


A farmer in Kufstein in Tyrol has often attracted negative attention for illegal parking and various other traffic violations. Now the police (remarkably) put an end to the goings on.

A huge tractor with German license plates blocks a petrol pump at a BP gas station in the town of Kufstein, stunning passers-by and motorists alike. Because the driver is nowhere to be seen. “It’s been there since Tuesday,” an employee explains with a smile.

Parked everywhere
The owner is apparently no stranger to the police in the fortified city. “The gentleman has often been noticed for various traffic violations,” explains Peter Franz, commander of the Kufstein police station. That is why the tractor often has to remain stationary everywhere.

It is prohibited to continue driving after refueling
But now officials were forced to take more drastic measures and took the tractor driver’s keys to the gas station. “He was a bit aggressive during a check. “That’s why he wasn’t allowed to continue his journey,” says Franz, but the man doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to pick up his tractor.

Source: Krone


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