Surprise on Easter Monday – “Not an April Fool’s joke”: 28 degrees measured in Austria


“This is not an April Fool’s joke,” the Austrian Center for Severe Weather (uwz) claimed on Easter Monday. After the 25 degree limit was exceeded in Austria on Holy Saturday, the head office in Tullnerfeld currently measures 28 degrees. This is the second day of summer this year.

The current temperature difference in Austria is remarkable: While 28 degrees was measured west of Vienna in Tullnerfeld on Monday, it was only 8.3 degrees in Salzburg, according to analyzes by GeoSphere Austria.

Significantly cooler in the west of the country
26.7 degrees were also measured in Vienna on the Hohe Warte in the afternoon, and 27.3 degrees in Vienna Mariabrunn. In the southwest and far west it rains a lot and sometimes heavily, especially in the southern Stau. It is considerably colder there with temperatures between 8 and 13 degrees.

Easter Monday is already the second day of summer this year. Much too early, because in an average year the first day of summer falls in mid-April.

By the way, the earliest summer day in Austrian measurement history was recorded on March 18, 2004 (25.3 degrees in Pottschach, Lower Austria), according to GeoSphere Austria.

Source: Krone


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