Barrier in Nauders – mudslides flowed over the federal roads in the Tyrolean city


In Nauders (Tyrolean Landeck district), the heavy rainfall on Easter Monday was noticeable in two mudslides. The mass of earth fell on two federal highways, one of which is temporarily closed. It will be decided on Tuesday how to proceed.

The first mudslide broke out around 10 a.m. on Monday morning and fell on the B185, Martinsbruckerstrasse. The resulting slope water flowed over the street and into the basement of a residential building. The fire brigade had to pump it out and drain the water.

At the beginning of the afternoon, a second mudslide occurred in the area, this time on the B180 (Reschenstrasse). Here too, the fire brigade removed road pollution and drained the slope water. In the meantime, traffic was routed alternately via a local diversion.

Reschenstraße open, Martinsbruckerstraße closed
After the cleaning work was completed, Reschenstrasse was reopened to traffic. However, Martinsbruckerstrasse remained closed for the time being. The affected slopes will be assessed on Tuesday, after which it will be decided what will happen to traffic on the two national highways and whether further measures should be taken.

Source: Krone


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