Escaped hangover – “Rudi” finally back home after nine months


The cat “Rudi” escaped from his home in Lamprechtshausen in the Salzburg Flachgau in June 2023. Last week the starving runaway was handed over to Pfotenhilfe Lochen in Upper Austria. Only thanks to his chip could the cat’s owner be found quickly.

On Maundy Thursday, a male cat found in Lamprechtshausen was taken to the Pfotenhilfe animal shelter in Lochen. The runaway was chipped and registered so that its owner could be found quickly. The woman burst into tears of joy on the phone. Because: She missed her “Rudi” since June last year.

The cat was probably only a few miles away the entire time. The settlement where ‘Rudi’ had been wandering around, emaciated and inaccessible, for four weeks was more than two kilometers from his house. He could be attracted and cared for with food so that he could be attacked and put in a transport box.

Mistress no longer believed in returning
“I suspect he jumped into a van, got off at the next stop and then couldn’t find his way home. Unfortunately, something like this happens again and again,” says Pfotenhilfe boss Johanna Stadler. “This case shows once again how important a chip is for cats. The tomcat with the rather inconspicuous color could therefore be picked up immediately by his owner.”

In the meantime, the owner, who no longer expected “Rudi” to return, had adopted another cat. But the two get along well. “Rudi” acts as if he has never been away. And his wife is overjoyed.

Source: Krone


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