Missed departure! – Cruise ship leaves tourists on the island


An American couple’s planned dream vacation turned out to be a real nightmare just days after they started their trip. Jill and Jay Campbell and seven other tourists were abandoned by their cruise ship during a land tour of the coast of Africa organized by the cruise line.

The Campbells were on a 21-day Norwegian Cruise Line cruise for eight days that started in South Africa and ended on São Tomé Island. On the ninth day of their trip they decided to make an overland tour.

Cruise ship refused to take tourists on board
But an accident occurred during the tour and the couple and seven other passengers were returned late to the port. The ship had already left by then. Despite coast guard intervention, the cruise ship refused to take the desperate tourists back in rubber boats.

“We waited for the dinghies to come back to pick us up, but they didn’t come back, so we ended up here,” says Jay.

The problem: With the exception of Jay and Jill, none of the stranded people had money or a credit card with them. Medicines, vaccination and passport certificates, etc. were also left on board. According to Campbell, among the stranded tourists were elderly people, including a heart patient and a pregnant woman. The delay was caused by a woman suffering a concussion during the tour – sponsored by the shipping company – and requiring medical treatment.

Shipping company: Passengers have themselves to blame
In a statement sent to WMBF News on Saturday, Norwegian Cruise Line said the passengers were left on the island “of their own volition” after failing to reboard in a timely manner.

Stranded people have to go to Gambia at their own expense
“While this is a very unfortunate situation, guests are responsible for returning to the ship at the scheduled time, which will generally be announced over the ship’s intercom and in daily communications and will be posted shortly before the ship departs board,” said a spokesperson for the cruise line. Those left behind would have to ensure, at their own expense, that they reach the ship’s next port of call in Gambia on time.

Handing over passports to tourists
Despite the problems, the forgotten passengers are confident they can complete their journey. Their passports were handed over by the shipping company to local authorities and ultimately to the stranded people. “We paid a lot for this trip to Africa, so we’re hoping we can survive the rest of the trip and end up in Spain,” Jay said.

Source: Krone


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