Terror accusation – New municipal councilor 71 days in Turkish prison


Terror accusation – New municipal councilor 71 days in Turkish prison

A Welsh woman with Kurdish roots was accused of being a PKK terrorist when she visited her sick mother in 2018. She was arrested at Izmir airport and held in inhumane conditions. Ultimately, the accusations turned out to be false.

Hülya Yilmaz (53) from Wels experienced hell during a trip to Turkey in 2018. When she wanted to fly back to Austria from Izmir airport with her three daughters on September 8 – she was in Turkey to support her mother, who was in hospital – she was suddenly arrested on suspicion of being a Kurdish terrorist. “The Turkish police had received an anonymous phone call from Wels claiming that I worked for the PKK.” An infamous intrigue: Yilmaz had only participated in human rights demonstrations and protested against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

No medication given
After a three-day interrogation, the Austrian woman with Kurdish roots was taken into custody. In prison, she was denied medication because she had just recovered from cancer. She was also given no bedding, no hot water and was beaten. She spent 71 days behind bars under the most unfavorable conditions. Because the terrorism charges could not be substantiated, the woman from Wels was placed in custody awaiting deportation and deported on November 17 – partly thanks to Austrian assistance.

Beginning of a political career
These experiences contributed to Yilmaz’s Green Party commitment to human rights, women, children and education. Next Monday she will take over as Walter Teubl’s successor in the Wels municipal council. “I’m really looking forward to it,” emphasizes the 53-year-old teacher. “She is a great reinforcement,” praises city councilor Thomas Rammerstorfer.

Source: Krone


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