A 14-year-old Spanish woman kidnapped and murdered in the south of France


The young woman’s body was found in an abandoned house in the town of Birac-sur-Trec until the suspect led the French police, who confessed to the crime and were arrested

A 31-year-old French man has admitted to kidnapping and killing Vanessa, a 14-year-old Spanish teenager who lived with her family in Tonneins, in southwestern France, the public prosecutor of the Republic of Agen, Olivier Naboulet, made this Saturday familiar. Vanessa’s death has shocked the inhabitants of the Lot-et-Garonne department.

«Yesterday (Friday) a 14-year-old girl passed away. It’s always a terrible drama. Our first thoughts are for this young woman and her family,” said the prosecutor at the beginning of the press conference, explaining what happened. Vanessa’s mother was the one who informed the gendarmerie of her daughter’s disappearance when she verified that she had not returned from the high school where the young woman studied, as usual.

Thanks to the security cameras in the town of Tonneins, the gendarmes were able to quickly identify a suspicious car and, together with the vehicle’s registration number, find out the suspect’s address. The gendarmes went to the suspect’s home to question him.

“Very quickly, the 31-year-old man said to the gendarmes: ‘I know why you are here,'” the prosecutor said at a press conference. The alleged killer confessed to the gendarmes that he killed Vanessa and told them where the body was. The lifeless body was discovered in an abandoned house in Birac-sur-Trec, a town a few kilometers from Tonneins.

The alleged killer, who was arrested on the night from Friday to Saturday, was convicted of sexual assault as a minor in 2006. “He was not registered in the file of sex offenders,” the prosecutor explains.

Sources close to the investigation told BFMTV that the young woman had been strangled. However, the prosecutor would not confirm the cause of her death or whether Vanessa had been sexually assaulted until she had the results of the autopsy.

Source: La Verdad


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