Suspicion of fraud – Was the sale of a villa at Traunsee a scam?


More than four years ago, a lakeside guest house on Lake Traunsee changed hands for 750,000 euros. The house would have been worth at least 1.6 million euros. The buyers are accused of defrauding the longtime homeowner. She was accused of serious fraud.

Two directors of a real estate company, two lawyers, a notary and a real estate agent are suspected of serious fraud. The penalty is a maximum of ten years in prison. The suspects, who claim that they are not persons of public interest, allegedly defrauded the then 83-year-old owner when purchasing a lakeside guest house in Gmunden. It is the presumption of innocence.

The property changed hands for approximately €750,000. According to the indictment, the value was €1.66 million. The suspects are accused of taking advantage of the owner’s clearly visible incapacity. The old lady gave her date of birth as May 33, 1936. The notary ratified her signature.

The six individuals see the upcoming main hearing as an opportunity to present their views and answer open questions. It is clear to them that they have always acted honestly and correctly. The sale was very well thought out. The property was offered for sale by a real estate agent for two years. Reference is also made to the civil proceedings that were conducted in which the company had to return the property. However, it would be established that the seller’s incompetence was not apparent to anyone involved.

Three legal experts also confirmed that the purchase price was appropriate. “It was within the margin for the acquired part of the property. There are simply different valuation approaches when evaluating the Federal Forests lease,” a joint statement said.

Source: Krone


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