Daughters accuse father – mother stabbed 13 times: 20 years in prison


“Dad hit mom,” a 17-year-old described to the jury as dad listened in the courtroom. Two weeks later he stabbed her with the knife. Now he has to serve 20 years for attempted murder.

Testifying against your own father before a judge and jury and accusing him of criminal offenses takes special courage. Two young girls (14, 17) showed this on Wednesday in the Salzburg Regional Court: “Yes, he hit his mother. First with a fist in the face, then in the chest.”

The two daughters had witnessed their parents’ domestic violence and reported it on the witness stand, while the father – guarded and observed by two correctional officers – listened and shook his head several times. There was also talk of death threats.

“But Mom didn’t say anything, so we wouldn’t worry. She also said that we should not hate him for that.” The third and eldest daughter was silent – she said nothing.

Witness as a possible lifesaver
But the trial is not only about abuse and threats, it is mainly about the accusation of attempted murder: the suspect Somali (53) tried to kill his wife on October 6 on the sidewalk of the busy Sterneckstrasse in Salzburg, says the public prosecutor Ricarda Eder. at the beginning of the trial. He stabbed the mother of nine at least thirteen times with a 16 centimeter kitchen knife.

“The victim only survived thanks to the intervention of a witness,” Eder said. A police patrol that happened to drive by provided first aid and immediately arrested the man. Two small children (3 and 1) had to witness the crime. As heard at the hearing, the victim even held a child by the hand during the violence. But now the lawyer spoke of attempted manslaughter, and the man, who was still innocent in court, said, “I’m sorry.”

During the hearing, the chairman drew attention to another circumstance: ‘A valid contact and entry ban was in effect at the time of the crime.’ The abuse described by the daughters took place in mid-September – just over two weeks earlier. the knife attack. In the end, the jury returned a clear guilty verdict.

The non-final verdict: 20 years in prison. The suspect immediately filed an appeal.

Source: Krone


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