Seriously injured – forest worker in Slovakia saw bear and fell


In Slovakia, a forest worker (35) encountered a brown bear and subsequently fell down a slope. The man suffered broken ribs and bruises. “The bear encountered the forest worker on a narrow forest path in steep terrain,” said a spokeswoman for state conservation NGO SOPSR.

The incident took place on Thursday in a dense forest in the north of the country, in the municipality of Kvacany. The chairman of the Social Democratic Parliament, Peter Pellegrini, announced a special session of parliament on Tuesday. “The state must first protect the lives and health of people, and only then those of predators,” he said.

Mushroom hunters and hikers attacked
There have been repeated clashes between humans and brown bears in Slovakia recently. Last weekend, a mushroom hunter and a hiker were attacked and injured by bears (see video above). In mid-March, a bear wandered into the center of a small town and injured five people.

There are an estimated 1,100 to 1,200 bears living in the wild in Slovakia.

Source: Krone


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