Medical tests reveal another problem for Van Aert after his injuries at Across Flanders


The Belgian Wout van Aertwho suffered a serious fall a few days ago at Through Flandershas recently learned that apart from the injuries seen before, he is also suffering a bruised lungan event that makes it difficult for him to breathe.

Van Aert suffered a fall in the Belgian classic that caused him fractures to the clavicle, sternum and some ribs. Now that problem is added to the lungs. “We will be doing a scan in a few weeks to find out what exactly is wrong.because his breathing was complicated and he was obviously in pain, he explained Merijn Zeemantechnical director of Visma-Lease a Bike.

Zeeman assured that Van Aert’s recovery is going at a good pace, with some faster than expected, but that Due to various injuries, it is very difficult to give a date for the Belgian’s return to competition.. Van Aert’s big goal for the season is the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

With Van Aert descending on A Través de Flandes, Visma-Lease a Bike saw the team of Jonas Vingegaard after severe multiple falls of Itzulia. The cycling spring gets complicated for the big stars of the peloton.

Source: La Verdad


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