Five euros fixed price – student promotion ensures cheaper kebabs until July


Michael Griesser (17) started an initiative against high prices and inflation in Klagenfurt. His first success: from Wednesday, schoolchildren everywhere can get kebabs for just five euros.

Whether in the student council, in the youth council in Klagenfurt or – as is currently the case – on his own: 17-year-old Michael Griesser is committed to young people! “I asked people from my area what could be improved for young people,” the concerned resident of Klagenfurt tells the “Krone”.

First anti-inflation project
And since the higher kebab prices were repeatedly mentioned as a striking example of inflation, which especially affects young Carinthians, Griesser thought about something: “I founded the association Education Network Carinthia (ENC), which is also celebrating its launch with a first project ”, explains the HTL student, who also studies as an extraordinary student at the University of Klagenfurt, and in the same breath presents the “Kebab Pact 2024”.

24 stores are participating
To do this, he drove on his own initiative to all kebab shops in Klagenfurt and negotiated with the operators a fixed kebab price of five euros for students: “The initiative starts next Wednesday. The price is guaranteed until the end of this school year – that is, until July 10,” says Griesser, happy that so far 24 of the total 27 kebab shops have supported this idea.

“Even though youth representation in Carinthia is not always accessible to everyone, there is still work going on behind the scenes, which becomes visible to the outside world through projects like this!” For many students, the kebab is a practical snack during their free afternoon. periods. The members of the “Kebab Pact” can be recognized by the posters and certificates that have been hung up.

Source: Krone


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