Jungle child in Linz – “Killing was an adrenaline rush and an orgasm at the same time”


As a ‘jungle child’, Sabine Kuegler became a bestselling author. She revealed to the “Krone” that a young tribe girl tastes the best, why male genitals are inedible, that she was seen as neither a woman nor a man and how many times she cheated death.

The last clouds are disappearing and the sun is already emerging. Sabine Kuegler stands on the viewing platform on the Pöstlingberg, takes out her mobile phone and takes pictures. Kuegler was invited to Linz to speak on the topic of cultural differences. And who, if not her, could do that better? After all, the German grew up in the jungle of Indonesia, became a bestselling author with ‘Jungle Child’ and years later, when she was terminally ill, returned to her old home to find healing.

Source: Krone


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