Bushes were on fire – mysterious smoke development at the Plabutsch in Graz


On Monday afternoon, there was excitement about a large amount of smoke on the Plabutsch in Graz near the tunnel’s ventilation system. The police helicopter flew over the area. Numerous residents contacted the “Krone” with concerns. The all-clear was given at 6:30 PM.

There was great excitement among residents when clouds of smoke appeared on Plabutsch in Graz on Monday afternoon. The heat of the past few days had caused severe drought and many feared a forest fire or even a fire in the tunnel because the smoke was very close to the ventilation system of the Plabutsch tunnel.

The police were able to rule out a catastrophe
However, the police, who flew over the area as part of another operation, were able to virtually rule out a major accident. Smoke was visible, but no fire, police said.

The professional fire brigade of Graz went to the affected area: “We can make everything clear,” said a spokesperson for the fire brigade at the beginning of the evening: “The most spectacular part of the operation was the search for the place where the smoke came from came.” On a site About 1,000 square meters of bushes broke out between two forest paths, but mainly caused smoke. “We have not been able to determine a specific cause of the fire,” the fire brigade said.

Source: Krone


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