Historic event – The EU imposes sanctions on radical settlers


Historic event – The EU imposes sanctions on radical settlers

The EU is imposing sanctions for the first time due to the violence by radical Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank. According to Brussels, the measures are aimed at people and organizations allegedly responsible for violence against Palestinians in the West Bank.

The EU member states decided on the punitive measures in a written procedure on Friday, several diplomats confirmed to the German news agency. They are imposed using the EU sanctions instrument to punish serious human rights violations.

People affected will no longer be allowed to enter the EU or do business with EU citizens. In addition, their EU accounts and other assets should be frozen.

Settlement construction is becoming increasingly radical
Attacks against Palestinians, such as the construction of settlements in the West Bank, are seen as one of the obstacles to efforts to find a long-term peace solution to the Middle East conflict – especially after the Hamas massacre in Israel on October 7. The EU has repeatedly condemned the acts of violence and settlement construction, but to date there has never been the necessary consensus on punitive measures.

The sanctions decision is therefore seen as a sign of a change of course in the EU’s Israel policy – ​​even though the punitive measures themselves have relatively little impact on those affected.

Toothless or effective?
With the sanctions, the EU is following the example of the US. They have already imposed punitive measures against extremist Israeli settlers. The US accuses those affected of, among other things, participating in violence against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank.

The names of those affected will soon be published in the EU’s Official Journal. According to information from the dpa, four people and two organizations are involved in the first step. Ideally, according to diplomats, the sanctions should lead to the Israeli judiciary becoming more committed to prosecuting violence by Israeli settlers against Palestinian villages and olive groves.

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