Caught red-handed: 14-year-old from Graz is said to be a serial shoplifter


A 14-year-old is suspected of committing numerous shopliftings, robberies and serious property damage. The value of the stolen items is estimated at more than 10,000 euros.

On Tuesday evening, the teenager was caught red-handed by employees of a drugstore in a shopping center while she was shoplifting. She may have shoplifted several times in this store. When questioned by the employees, the unknown woman pulled out a pocket knife, threatened the employees with it and took advantage of their retreat to escape. A search turned up negative.

Material damage due to spray paint
Around 8 p.m. the facade of this company was damaged with spray paint by an initially unknown perpetrator. During the subsequent investigation, the identities of the suspects were clarified. It concerns a 14-year-old from Graz who was also clearly recognized as a suspect in the previous shoplifting.

Young people acquaintances
During interrogation, the young person made a full confession and stated that she had repeatedly committed shoplifting in various shopping centers in Graz and the Graz area since primary school. She wanted to support herself because she did not receive pocket money. In recent weeks she has been sleeping in the toilets of the shopping center and going to school during the day.

Goods worth 10,000 euros were stolen
During an inspection of the apartment of the mother, who stated that she did not notice her daughter’s absence, and in a basement compartment, numerous perfumes, toiletries, bags and clothes were seized. The total value of these stolen goods is probably over 10,000 euros. On the orders of the Graz Public Prosecutor’s Office, the suspect was transferred to Graz-Jakomini prison.

Source: Krone


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