Man arrested – bomb threat: Danish airport evacuated


The airport in Billund, Denmark, was temporarily evacuated on Saturday due to a bomb threat. A suspicious item was also seized. There is a suspect in custody.

According to the police, the person arrested was a man in his thirties who had informed the police that he had placed an object containing explosives at the airport. Investigators said they found the suspicious object. It probably contained explosives, they said. Chemical tests would now be carried out to confirm this. Authorities have not disclosed what type of object it is.

After the temporary closure, the airport was able to reopen around 7 p.m. and air traffic began. The background to the threat remains unclear for the time being. Due to the hours-long closure, several flights were canceled or postponed.

ATM explosion in Legoland
There was a police presence near the Legoland amusement park on Saturday evening. An ATM was blown up there, reports Ritzau news agency. It is now being investigated whether there is a link between the two incidents.

Source: Krone


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