Shock in Mannheim: man shot dead with machete in university library


Shock in Mannheim: man shot dead with machete in university library

A man allegedly attacked a staff member with a machete in a library at the University of Mannheim. The police intervened and used their weapons, fatally wounding the German and later dying at the clinic. The National Criminal Investigation Department has now started an investigation.

Police carried out a major operation at the University of Mannheim library on Tuesday afternoon after a man appeared with a machete.

Mann has been notable before
Due to the acute threat situation, the arriving police officers immediately raised their weapons – after he also threatened the officers, the 31-year-old was finally shot. The man was later pronounced dead at hospital.

He had previously been banned from the library for repeated negative behavior. The deceased was a German from Mannheim who was already known to the police.

There were also students present
The motive is still completely unclear. In any case, the Mannheim Public Prosecutor’s Office and the State Criminal Investigation Department have started an investigation into the incident.

According to a police spokesperson, students from the economics faculty were also there at the time of the incident. However, it is said that there was no danger to them.

Source: Krone


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