Three holidaymakers missing – bodies found in Mexico: missing surfers?


Four bodies were found on a cliff in the Mexican state of Baja California on Friday. Three of them are believed to be tourists from Australia and the US who have been missing since late April (see video above).

Authorities say the fourth body has nothing to do with the tourists’ recent disappearance. The bodies were already in an “advanced stage of decomposition.” However, based on the clothing and “specific physical characteristics” it is very likely that they are the three missing men, prosecutor Maria Elena Andrade said on Saturday.

Never arrived at accommodation
Australian brothers Jake and Callum Robinson and their American friend Jack Carter have not been seen in Mexico since April 27. They had planned a vacation near the coastal town of Ensenada. According to the brothers’ mother, they never arrived at the accommodation they had booked.

Vehicle burned down
Mexican authorities have already arrested three suspects and are working with the FBI and the Australian Embassy. It is currently being investigated whether the alleged deaths of the three tourists could be related to an attempted theft of their car. The burned-out vehicle was found next to the bodies.

Baja California is a popular vacation destination for surfers, but is also hit hard by drug violence.

Source: Krone


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