Sled dog appeared after three months


In Alaska, a sled dog that disappeared during the famous Iditarod race is reunited with its owner just under three months later. The husky turned up over 200 miles away in the remote village of McGrath. Residents lured the animal with food and caught it.

“Leon is with me,” French sled driver Sebastien Dos Santos Borges wrote on Facebook on Sunday. He thanked the people who had helped locate his missing dog. This is a “wonderful story of love and friendship”.

Three-year-old husky Leon went missing on March 13 in the small town of Ruby on the Yukon River, a stop on a 1,800-mile stage of the famed Iditarod sled dog race. It leads through the Alaskan wilderness and is considered the toughest dog sled race in the world. After the animal was no longer found, the finder’s fee was suspended and an unsuccessful aircraft search was conducted that lasted several weeks.

Owner traveled from France
However, Leon did not appear until the end of May. Villagers and residents of McGrath saw the dog and lured him with food. On June 4, they finally managed to capture the animal. Borges traveled from France and was able to receive his husky again after almost three months. Incidentally, the eleven dogs that won the race with American Brent Sass were on the road for more than eight days.

Source: Krone


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