Hidden camera – Putin’s beautiful palace even has a throne and an aqua disco


Hidden camera – Putin’s beautiful palace even has a throne and an aqua disco

The team of Kremlin opponent Alexei Navalny, who died in custody, will not stop at any reprisal and has now even managed to infiltrate Russian President Vladimir Putin’s infamous, ostentatious palace on the Black Sea using a hidden camera Sea. Many images have been made showing that the ruler of the Kremlin is even more megalomaniac than expected.

It was a huge scandal. In 2021, shortly after Alexei’s detention, Navalny’s team posted a two-hour video titled “A Palace for Putin”. The story of the greatest bribe”. During a large-scale investigation, the super-expensive secret palace of the head of state was literally taken apart. The site covers a total of 7,800 hectares, making it 39 times the size of Monaco, according to Navalny’s team. There is, among other things, a church, an amphitheater and a helipad.

That same year, oligarch Arkady Rotenberg claimed he was the owner of this controversial property. However, it was not a palace, but an ‘apart hotel’, he assured. He promised journalists at the time that he would invite them in one to two years and that they would then be able to see this ‘beauty’ with their own eyes. But even three and a half years later, this ‘aparthotel’ could not yet be found on a single booking platform. There was also no trace of the invitation. Rather, the impression was created that this system did not actually exist.

‘Putin steals from children and the sick’
In 2010, one of the main contributors to the Secret Palace project, Sergei Kolesnikov, described how the 100 billion ruble colossus would be financed. Accordingly, Putin’s people asked for a contribution for the purchase of medical equipment. In fact, these funds flowed into the gigantic structure. “This is typical of Putin – he steals from children and the sick,” Navalny’s team wrote.

After the big scandal, Putin apparently did not want to miss the opportunity to live in the palace. He may have previously tried to cover his tracks by allegedly transferring ownership. Especially since having your own striptease club, an aqua disco and a private casino don’t look particularly good in light of Putin’s assurances that he is a defender of “traditional values”. The fact that a toilet brush alone in the palace is worth 60,000 rubles (about 600 euros – an average Russian monthly income) is likely to generate less sympathy among the poor.

But the residence has much more to offer, because new images were made with a hidden camera. This avenue leads to the main entrance of the palace. Navalny’s team cynically compares the sight to a competition to fit the maximum number of images per square meter.

The legendary aqua disco
Now it’s off to the president’s legendary aqua disco, which has caused a stir and speculation among Russians in the past. As the photo shows, it is already filled with water. It is significantly larger than expected. The bar next door already has all the necessary technology to make the next party a blast.

We move on to the indoor pool, which is decorated with crazy crystal chandeliers.

According to Navalny’s team, the Kremlin leader may have a tendency to wash himself in different ways. The house has, among other things, a horizontal shower and various whirlpool baths.

Putin’s living room also has a lot of variety, such as a music room and a reading room. According to the research network “Proekt”, this chandelier alone costs no less than 50 million rubles (approx. 500,000 euros).

Palace’s own church with throne
What caught Navalny’s team most was the palace’s own church. Because it even has a throne for the ruler of the Kremlin:

Now we go to Putin’s bedroom. As ‘Proekt’ has been able to prove, the president sleeps in a bed that costs six million rubles (approx. 61,000 euros). This piece of furniture alone costs as much as the compensation for two people killed in the border town of Belgorod, which was under fire.

Lots of TV noise
What is striking is that Putin has an incredible number of television sets. He might even enjoy television in the bathroom and bedroom.

As the now published research shows, Putin also has a personal shooting range. He probably has dummies on which pictures of his enemies can be pasted.

Staff should not expect luxury
While the president lives in luxury, the staff who build and maintain the residence are not treated well at all. As the camera captured, the employees have to make do with this poor, dirty toilet building.

The doors and walls are scrawled. “Alexei, you were right,” it reads:

“That’s exactly how Russia works”
“And that is exactly how Russia works. He (Putin, take note) has a huge palace, the dream of every dictator who can steal and do whatever he wants. The palace, on the other hand, is built by ordinary people, by ordinary, hardworking workers who toil for a pittance and are not even entitled to a normal toilet. They see through the lies, the fairy tales on TV… They know exactly who they are building this palace for. And that Alexei (Nawalny, note) was absolutely right,” his team wrote.

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