500,000 euros in drugs – drug trafficking arrested on a large scale


Six drug dealers from the Alpine Adriatic region, including Carinthians, were arrested in Klagenfurt. 30 buyers were also investigated. The drug trade should have brought in 500,000 euros.

Since the autumn of 2021, extensive investigations have been conducted against several people from the Klagenfurt area on suspicion of importing large quantities of narcotics, especially cocaine, from Slovenia into Carinthia.

Six suspects
In this regard, six suspects were arrested in Klagenfurt on Monday, a 69-year-old Croat, a 48-year-old man from Klagenfurt, two Slovenians aged 18 and 19 and two 18-year-old Slovenians. More than 650 grams of cocaine, 60 grams of heroin and 240 grams of cannabis products were seized during the arrest.

A total of 12 kilograms of cocaine
During the crime period, it could be proven that the suspects imported and sold at least 12 kilograms of cocaine and more than 350 grams of heroin throughout Germany, which corresponds to a street value of more than 500,000 euros.

Handcuffs were already ringing
In addition, about 30 buyers have been found in Carinthia so far. Pre-trial detention has since been imposed on the Croat, the man from Klagenfurt and the two male Slovenians. Another suspect who acted as a courier is currently in extradition custody in Italy.

Further investigations to clarify the facts in question by the National Criminal Investigation Department are underway.

Source: Krone


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