Large police presence – focus action on Reumannplatz: Chancellor on site


There was a large police presence at Reumannplatz on Wednesday evening. The ‘crown’ was central to the action. In addition, Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) together with Chancellor Karl Nehammer presented a first evaluation of the key campaign: About 190 advertisements have been issued so far. The weapons ban is starting to have an impact.

Two months ago, the newly established Youth Crime Task Force (EJK) started its first focus campaign in Favoriten – the reason for this was the knife attacks and other violent incidents among young people. Since then, patrols and checks have been carried out almost daily by the task force in the district. A total of 74 such missions were carried out. Nearly 1,000 people were checked and 190 reports were filed.

Large contingent at Reumannplatz
Forty police officers were deployed in the main operation on Wednesday evening. The “Aktion Schar” focused on immigration, criminal and traffic police controls and on the punishment of violations.

Chancellor Karl Nehammer and Minister of the Interior Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) were also present at the “Aktion Scharf”.

“With our visit today we show that we take people’s concerns seriously. We will do everything we can to make people feel safe again. There is no room for radicalization. Anyone who acts radically can expect excellent police work,” the Chancellor said during the main campaign on Reumannplatz on Wednesday evening.

“But there is still a lot to do”
Interior Minister Karner also praises the success of this campaign so far and emphasizes: “But there is still a lot to do and the clean-up is still ongoing in Favoriten.” Three days earlier the ‘Krone’ was already there to get an idea of ​​the situation creating for itself. Discussions took place there with residents, entrepreneurs and drug dealers, among others.

This is how the weapons ban zone in Innerfavoriten works
At the end of March, the Vienna State Police Directorate issued a weapons ban zone for inner favorites. The ban and intensive controls are having an effect: crimes have fallen by almost 62 percent compared to the previous year. In particular, decreases were recorded in burglaries, personal injuries, thefts, drug offenses and property damage. Weapons, mostly knives, were also seized from eleven people.

In addition, the EJK has so far registered approximately 14,000 identity checks and more than 2,000 reports at federal level.

Source: Krone


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