Alarm in Reutte – battery explodes: used by road maintenance


Firefighters’ action Wednesday morning in Reutte in the Ausserfern region of Tyrol: a battery and several aerosols are said to have exploded in a storage area of ​​the road maintenance department. There was also a small fire. Fortunately no one was injured.

“Explosion Building” was the operational code of the Tyrol control center, which set off alarm bells for the emergency services around 8 a.m. Initially, it was said that several batteries had exploded in a road maintenance building and that smoke was created.

no one got hurt
Then in the morning it was all clear: The battery of a device, apparently that of a drill, may have exploded suddenly while charging. This caused a smaller fire because, among other things, several aerosol cans were nearby, which also exploded. The alerted fire brigade was able to quickly bring the situation under control. “All the employees were already outside when we arrived. We’re on the resuscitators. The office area, the basement and the storage room, which contained aerosols, paint and machines, among other things, smelled of smoke,” the manager of FF told the “Krone”.

Fortunately, no one was injured, police said. The property was eventually ventilated and the partially “burst” batteries were cooled. In total, the Reutte fire brigade was deployed with four vehicles and 24 Florianis.

The exact cause is not yet known, but the police are investigating. The material damage caused cannot yet be quantified.

Source: Krone


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