Furious over arrest warrant – Netanyahu on chief prosecutor: “Great anti-Semite”


There is sheer horror within the Israeli government over an international arrest warrant against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Joav Gallant. Netanyahu launched a fierce attack on the International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor, Karim Khan, calling him “one of the great anti-Semites of modern times.”

In a video message in English released late Monday night, Netanyahu said Khan was “callously adding fuel to the fire of anti-Semitism raging around the world.” Netanyahu even compared Khan to Nazi executioners. “He now stands side by side with those infamous German judges who donned their robes and advocated laws that denied the Jewish people the most fundamental rights and enabled the Nazis to commit the worst crime in history,” the 74-year-old emphasized . that, unlike the Holocaust, the Jewish people can and will defend themselves this time.

Minister of Defense: “Disgusting parallel”
Defense Secretary Gallant also condemned the request for arrest warrants against him and Netanyahu. However, these still have to be approved by a jury. “Lead Prosecutor Karim Khan’s attempt to turn things around will not be successful,” Gallant said Tuesday, according to his office. “The parallel he drew between the terrorist organization Hamas and the State of Israel is abhorrent.”

Israel does not recognize the judgment
Israel does not recognize the court’s authority, Gallant continued. Khan wants to deny the state of Israel the right to self-defense and the return of the hostages. Israel is fighting a brutal terrorist organization that has committed atrocities against Israeli children, women and men and is now using its own people as a shield, Gallant said. “The Israeli military is fighting in accordance with international law and is taking unprecedented measures to facilitate humanitarian assistance.”

Arrest warrant also for Hamas boss
Chief Prosecutor Khan prosecutes crimes during the Gaza war. He accuses Netanyahu and Gallant of being responsible, among other things, for starving civilians as a method of war, as well as for indiscriminate killings and targeted attacks on civilians. Khan also requested arrest warrants for Hamas’ Gaza chief Jihia al-Sinwar, foreign affairs chief Ismail Haniyeh and Sinwar’s deputy Mohammed Deif.

Source: Krone


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