Reconciliatory ending – hitting a pregnant woman ended with a hug


Reconciliatory ending – hitting a pregnant woman ended with a hug

Rumors of a murder in Braunau in Upper Austria turned out to be an attack with a toy gun. A 25-year-old had hit and threatened her pregnant sister (27). There were tears in the courtroom and a conciliatory ending.

At the beginning of March, the rumor mill was running in Braunau: after a major police operation, there was even talk of murder. At the time, the ‘Krone’ revealed what really happened: a 25-year-old allegedly held a toy gun to the temple of her pregnant sister, who was two years older than her, and hit her on the head with a blow. and hit her in the stomach with his fist. Fortunately, the alleged attack was unlikely to have had any effects on the fetus.

Suspect pleaded guilty
Now the 25-year-old, who turned himself in after the incident, had to appear in court. “The victim gave up because she did not have to testify against her sister,” said Alois Ebner, chief public prosecutor in Ried. “Therefore, the only thing left was a threat and a light blow with a toy gun.”

The defendant pleaded guilty and the case ended in court with a settlement – ​​and a tearful hug from the two sisters.

Source: Krone


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