Trial in Feldkirch – woman was repeatedly abused


A violent Serb is said to have abused his wife several times. He has now been sentenced to a partial fine for bodily harm and dangerous threats.

The martyrdom of the 49-year-old woman lasted more than ten years. She was hit and choked. Her abusive husband once hit her in the face with a piece of bread and threatened to kill her or their ten-year-old son if she went to the police. These are the descriptions of a woman who repeatedly burst into tears during her court hearing in Feldkirch on Friday.

But the victim has no objective evidence of the violent acts. She allegedly deleted photos from her mobile phone showing the injuries inflicted, such as hematomas. “I don’t know why,” says the Serb. But seven police operations and five deportations of the suspect in the past do not reflect well on the husband.

“In 2017, I even spent a while in a women’s shelter with my then three-year-old son,” reports the victim and submits a confirmation to the court. After the most recent incident in November, the Serbian woman wanted to file for divorce. The Serb is said to have grabbed the 49-year-old by the arms in their shared apartment in the Unterland and then strangled her. He also allegedly threatened to kill her during this attack.

Ultimately, for Judge Lisa Pfeifer, the basis for a conviction for persistent violence is not sufficient. Reason: The victim stated at the hearing that she was beaten, strangled and threatened only a few times a year. Ms Rat found the Serb guilty of the incident in November last year and sentenced him to a partial fine of 3,600 euros for bodily harm and dangerous threats. The verdict is not yet legally binding.

Source: Krone


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