How you too can predict the next rain


Ö3 meteorologist Sigi Fink explains in his new book – and to you in this story – how you can use simple tricks to look behind the weather front and thus decipher secrets about sunshine and cloudbursts.

“Weekend and sunshine and then alone with you in the woods – that’s all I need to be happy” – a few lines of text from the evergreen Comedian Harmonists, and the weekend joy begins. But that’s just a problem with sunshine. Does she seem, doesn’t she seem? Is there rain? Is there a thunderstorm coming or is there a chance of bad weather with hail?

For many people, reading a weather app is enough to plan their weekend program in a ‘meteorologically responsible’ way. But without a cell phone, most people face a weather front of ignorance. The smartphone’s display does not show what is behind it. But we do.

Source: Krone


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