Arrested! – Drunk rioters used in Weiz


A 34-year-old from Weiz tampered with the police several times in the night on Sunday. He drove the car drunk, injured another person, rioted – and even carried a knife. The police arrested him and a friend.

A 34-year-old was drunk in the car around 10 p.m. on Saturday. Police arrested the man, revoked his driver’s license and banned him from driving. The man did not want to accept that – he behaved aggressively, the officers had to punish him again.

But that is not everything. Four and a half hours later, at half past one in the morning, the police were called to Weiz town hall. A 49-year-old was injured in a headbutt. Security kept the alleged perpetrators on the ground. It turned out it was the 34-year-old — even more drunk than before. He also allegedly damaged a car.

15 cm knife in the pocket
The police took the man away in handcuffs. Again and again he stepped in the direction of the officers. An inspection revealed that he also had a knife with a six-inch blade.

Even in the cell the man kept on rioting
Police have also arrested the man’s friend. He wanted to help the 34-year-old defend himself against the arrest. “The man calmed down and was released after a short time. However, the 34-year-old continued to riot in jail,” the state police said.

The rest of the evening for the man: various reports and a briefing in the prison of Graz-Jakomini.

Source: Krone


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